Vortex Excursion &

Sacred Land Ceremony

We have had many requests for activities centered around Sedona's Energy Centers or Vortex(s). In keeping with many requests from workshop participants we have arranged for a local guide to take those of you who are interested to these magical Sedona sites. Whether you select a Vortex Excursion or the Sacred Land Ceremony, you will connect to the amazing and powerful energies of Sedona’s Red Rock Country.

Sacred Land Ceremonies

These ceremonies are offered as an experiential journey into the awesome beauty of Sedona's red rock country.  Come and walk on the earth in a sacred way as we attune ourselves to the spiritual wisdom of indigenous peoples.  Experience the presence of the Ancient Ones in the rock formations and the healing power of sacred song and drum.  Learn of our relationship with places of power.  Experience the earth's powerful energy and utilize it to recreate the beauty and joy in your life.


According to psychics in the Sedona area, a Vortex is a site where the earth’s unseen lines of power intersect to form a powerful field of energy much like an acupuncture point of the Earth. Sedona is considered one of the chakra points of the earth and this may be why these points of energy exist here in such abundance. You will visit one or two of Sedona’s vortex sites, connecting to these places of Power in a deep and spiritual way.  Sites will be selected with the group in mind.

Please make your reservation by registering here as soon as possible to hold your place since space is limited.