The Magic Self ~ Opening the Inner Screen


A New ONLINE Workshop with Super Psychic Inge Bardor


Through healing sessions, education and practical application, Inge will share with you her techniques for entering the worlds of incredible human potential.  You have the potential to see into the future, perceive the reality in a new way, access innate skills and talents, and open your psychic awareness.


Six ONLINE Sessions ~ Beginning August 19th


Drunvalo Melchizedek describes her as one of the Super Psychic Children and featured her in his video series

Through the Eyes of A Child


Although she is no longer a child but a beautiful young woman, Inge has been teaching and giving private sessions for many years since she came to the forefront

with Drunvalo so many years ago. 


~ Become Aware of Different Dimensions

~ Look into the future

~ Uncover your inherent “special gifts”

~ Unblock the doorway to your Inner Screen


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One Heart Productions

PO Box 687,
Sedona AZ, 86339