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 Evolution of the Soul w/Ken Page

A 6-Session Online Class with Author, Healer & Master Teacher

JUNE 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 & JULY 7 ~ 1:00 EDT

ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED ~ So if you can't make the Live Class you will receive a video/audio recording for your review!

Are we somehow, evolving spiritually?  Did we forget WHY we came to earth?  Every emotional experience we have had in our life shapes the way we think, feel and relate to our world today.  How has our original intention changed because of life dynamics?

Through these SIX (90-minute) classes, Ken will help you realize a lighter vibration, one that is less reactive to the energy in your life;  discover lost pieces of yourself trapped or stuck in old emotional dynamics with other people, recognize and release old patterns and stop being overwhelmed by life itself.  These classes will take you step-by-step to healing your past - moving you into the present moment so you can stop creating by default (doing the same things over and over) and become a conscious creator of the life you choose.


M(ind)B(ody)S(pirit) IMAGERY® Workshop with RAluca Heim

6 Online sessions on February 2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14 at 5 pm PST


MBS IMAGERY® is a guide that enables you to unit the spirit and the body-mind to heal ourselves of various illnesses and of attitudes detrimental to your health and to maintain wellness.  

With RAluca, we are going to learn effective techniques for healing including 7 keys to healing and numerous imagery exercises that are bridges between the spirit and the body-mind.

The power of mental imagery is unparalleled in our world. Imagery is a mental process that shows us new ways to approach life and life's problems:

  • Reestablish meaningful relationships,
  • Change destructive habits,
  • Open up avenues of creative power,
  • Access inner reservoirs of power that are the life force for our collective good.