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Flower of Life Products is owned and operated by Dani Lodes and Diane Cooper of Sacred Womyn LLC and One Heart Productions, LLC in Sedona, Arizona.  Having worked with author and teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek for several years, Dani and Diane are excited to be spreading the Flower of Life image around the world, through their fun and creative original product line.

Dani comes from a science background, having worked for several years with W.L. Gore and Associates in their medical products division and is currently working on developing a line of essential oil blends with specific meditative and healing properties. She also assists her partner Diane with the management of online magazine content, spiritual tours and metaphysical workshops.

Diane is the manager of Spirit of Ma’at online Ezine as well as developing spiritual journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world.  In the past she has produced seminars, conferences and sacred site travel with teachers such as Gregg Braden, Tom Kenyon, Ken Page, and others in the field of spirituality and currently organizes and manages workshops for Drunvalo Melchizedek in Sedona, Arizona. They live in Sedona with their fur faced friends, Obiwan, Lily, Kitty and Bunny Chompers and welcome many travelers into their home throughout the year.


Flower Of Life Products Store

181 Highway 179 No. 4 Sedona, AZ