One Heart Productions, LLC was founded in 1986 by Diane M. Cooper and is dedicated to bringing powerful spiritual experiences through Sacred Travel, and the promotion of outstanding spiritual Teachers. 

One Heart Productions has produced seminars, conferences and sacred site travel with teachers such as Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden, Tom Kenyon, Ken Page, Robert Tennyson Stevens, Dr. Catherine Shainberg and co-produced several Sedona events which included Dr. Joe Dispenza,  and Nassim Haramein, and many others in the field of spirituality.  One Heart also produced One Heart Magazine in south Florida which in its' day was one of the largest new thought magazines in the Gold Coast region. 

Currently One Heart Productions, LLC (Diane and her partner Dani) coordinate travel for groups to Sacred Sites around the world and supervises logistics for global events.  They also own and manage The Flower of Life Store, in Sedona, Arizona which features Sacred Geometry Clothing and Jewelry, festival wear, books, and healing tools from artists around the globe.

Sacred Journeys

If you have groups of 10 or more people and would like to travel to sacred site destinations, please contact us.   

We have experience in the following countries:

Southern France / England (the Magdalen Trail), Ireland,  Scotland,  China , Tibet , Chile,  Patagonia , Easter Island, Moorea, Tahiti , Guatemala,  Colombia, Australia,  

New Zealand,  Ecuador, Peru,  Mexico, Egypt, Four Corners Regions of the U.S.  Arizona -  Native American Sites, Grand Canyon, New Mexico,  Mount Shasta, California,  Hawaii,  Japan,  India.

We also bring many groups through the sacred lands of the Hopi and Navajo starting in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

Need Assistance with Logistics, Registrations, Media?

If you are a public speaker, teacher or seminar leader and need assistance with logistics, registrations, media, film production or live streaming, we are happy to assist you.




For the past 15+ years, Diane has managed the seminars of Drunvalo Melchizedek in Sedona, Arizona. Diane is also the manager of Spirit of Ma’at online Ezine (  and is co-owner with her partner Dani Lodes, of Sacred Womyn, LLC  and their website featuring Flower of Life products ( 

They also own and manage the Flower of Life Store in Sedona, Arizona where they live with their fur faced friends, Obiwan, Kitty Softpaws, Bunny Chompers & Edgar Allen Pugglesworth.

Our Staff Includes:

VYACHESLAV M. - Systems Analyst