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Stellar Productions LIVE & One Heart Productions are proud to present

Self Empowered Wisdom 2016

Inspired Conscious Co-Creation

February 11-15, 2016
in Mystical Sedona, Arizona

With Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza,


Dr. Deborah Rozman • Jorge Luise Delgado • Kelley Alexander JD
CEO of HeartMath         Peruvian Shaman       Sanctuary of Sedona

ALSO INCLUDES! Chris Spheeris in Concert Saturday Evening!

Self Empowered Wisdom 2016
is sold out. Please
contact us for placement
on the wait list. Thank you


Also Available!

Ancient Lands Excursion to Grand Canyon,
 Hopi & Navajo Lands

Feb 15-20, 2016

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Check out our Next Sacred Site Journey

Eagle Condor Awakening
Shamanic Trip to Peru

with  Jorge Luis Delgado
May 1 - 14, 2016

Walk the Sacred Mountain
A Journey to the Holy Indian Saints
June 1-11, 2016

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