One Heart Productions

2016 earthshift conference 

June 10-12

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2016 EarthShift Conference 

Musician Julian Forest, inspired to awaken world interest in sound harmonics through celestial harmonies for sound healing, is creating a 3 day “Earthshift” Conference at Miracle Hot Springs Resort in Desert Hot Springs, California, on June 10, 11, 12, 2016. The Resort’s 7 hot pools are filled with magma-heated healing mineral water at a retreat destination which is about 2 hours from LA and 3 hours from Phoenix.


Ancient Lands Excursion

Arizona's Great Southwest

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Your guide to

spiritual adventure

One Heart Productions, was founded in 1986 by Diane M. Cooper and is dedicated to bringing powerful spiritual experiences through Sacred Travel and the promotion of outstanding spiritual Teachers. Currently One Heart Productions coordinates travel for groups to Sacred Sites around the world and supervises logistics for global events.


Flower Of Life Products

New store in Sedona

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Flower Of life Products

Flower of Life Products is owned and operated by Dani Lodes and Diane Cooper of Sacred Womyn LLC and One Heart Productions, LLC in Sedona, Arizona. Having worked with author and teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek for several years, Dani and Diane are excited to be spreading the Flower of Life image around the world, through their fun and creative original product line.